Visiting Bordeaux



Bordeaux, in the heart of the wine region, is a port city located on the Garonne, in the south-west of France. Included here are some highlights to see while visiting Bordeaux but there is so much more to see. Visit the official tourism website to learn more and find great deals!

Muséum d’Histoire naturelle de Bordeaux

The Museum of Natural History of Bordeaux created in 1791 is, with more than 1 million specimens, one of the most important in France. It opened on Sunday, March 31, 2019, after extensive renovation and expansion.

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Musée d'Aquitaine

The Aquitaine Museum presents the history of Bordeaux and its region, from prehistory to the present day, through its collections of archeology, history and regional and extra-European ethnography exploring themes on the history and cultures of the world.

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La Cite du Vin

The “City of Wine” opened in 2015 and its purpose was to ensure, through the construction of a monument, intermediate between the world of the museum and the theme park, "the transmission, enhancement and safeguarding of the cultural, universal and living heritage of wine. This interactive museum offers a comprehensive view of wine from the vineyard to the table.

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Base Sous Marine

The underwater base of Bordeaux is one of five submarine bases built by the Germans on the French Atlantic coast during the Second World War . Built between 1941 and 1943, it hosted Italian and German submarines. Today it is a cultural space and modern art gallery. There are a lot of stairs so no strollers are allowed in!

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Le Fête le Fleuve

Thursday June 20th to Sunday June 23rd 2019

Le Fête le Fleuve or the “Celebration of the River” will have free concerts, sailing boats, nautical activities, gastronomic huts, exhibitions, a white wine festival, and a pyrotechnic show on the Garonne. There will be a display of the tall ships on the river and many fun activities to enjoy the summer!

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Outside the City

Saint Emilion

In the heart of the county of Libournais , in a region of wine hills, this medieval city is camped on a limestone eminence and is a l eading tourist site - an average of 1,000, 000 people visit it each year. As of 1999 it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful churches, winding lanes, shaded squares, and enjoys the fame of its wine and gastronomic heritage.

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Arcachon Bay

Arcachon is a seaside town on the ocean famous for the harvest of oysters. Its 4 districts derive their name from the seasons of the year. The Summer City is home to shopping streets, the main sandy beach of the city and a casino, housed in the Deganne Castle. It is a popular holiday desitination in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and is accessible by train.

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Dune du Pilat

The Pilat 1 dune , located on the edge of the Landes de Gascogne forest on the Côte d'Argent at the entrance to the Arcachon basin in France , is the highest dune in Europe (height in 2018: 106.6 m2 ). After hiking to the top, you will see a beautiful view of the Arachon Bay and Cap Ferret.

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Cap Ferret

The Cap Ferret is a cape French forming a barrier beach that lies at the southern end of the peninsula of Lege-Cap-Ferret in Gironde separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Arcachon Basin. Cap Ferret is famous for its lighthouse and as an up-market resort that has retained its natural feel and for its ostreicole (oyster farming).

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Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil is a former commune in the Dordogne department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and a UNESCO World Heritage site since1979. It is home to the Musée national de Préhistoire and the area contains several important archaeological sites, including the Font-de-Gaume, Grotte du Grand-Roc and Lascaux cave prehistoric rock dwellings.

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Musée National de Préhistoire

The museum is a famous site in les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil located in whatwas previously the castle of Tayac. It has one of the largest collections of objects from Paleolithic France, with stone tools, bone and ivory art objects, life-size reconstructions of prehistoric men and extinct animals to understand the evolution of societies over 400,000 years, are highlighted within contemporary architecture..

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Médoc Region

The Médoc vineyard is a region of the vineyards of Bordeaux. This homogenous group produces exclusively red wines and brings together a large number of prestigious classified crus and bourgeois crus more affordable for the consumer. You can set-up tours and tastings at specific chataeaus that interest you.

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